Wood shop

Spacious and ventilated facility dedicated to woodworking and assembly.


Table saw 10 po (25,5 cm)

Band saw 14 po (37,5 cm)

Planer 6 po (15 cm)

Band sander 7 po (18 cm)

Circular saw  10 po (25,5 cm)

Surface planer 13 po (33 cm)

Drill press

Jig Saw

Metal shop

Facility containing welding equipment and many other essential tools for metal processing, for ferrous and

non-ferrous metals.

Drill press


Miter saw with abrasive cut-off disk 10 po  (25,5 cm)

Variable speed band saw 15 po (38 cm)

Horizontal band saw

Welder MIG and Welder TIG with welding rods

Circular and band sander 16 po (40,5 cm)

Welding helmets

Welding fume extractor

Assembly tables (2)

Compressors 3 HP et 8 HP

Disc and orbit sanders

Pneumatic tools  

Photo credit : 

Fontaine Leriche


Stone Workshop

Adaptable space depending on artwork size,

Dust collection  system,

Secure and adequate ventilation.


Compressors 3 HP et 8 HP

Disc and orbit sanders

Pneumatic tools  

Water saws

Dust collectors

Chain block

Ceramic, Glass and Moldmaking Studio

Facilities dedicated to glass and ceramics as well as mold making and casting without the risk of contamination from other materials.

Paragon Kilns (2)

Vanasse Kiln

Electric lapidary wheel 60 cm

Diamond blade saw 10 po (25,5 cm)

Drill press

Note: kilns can accommodate ceramic and glass plate thermoforming and firing.

Assembly Space

Formerly an industrial garage fitting three delivery trucks, this high ceiling space enables artists to work on monumental pieces.


36 pi x 38 pi x 14 pi (11 m x 12 m x 4 m)


12 pi (hauteur) x 11 pi (largeur) (4 m x 3 m)

Resins Workshop

Ventitaled space with fume extractor and working tables.