Projet C.R.É.E.R.

Résidences d’artistes / programme d’échange

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Atelier Silex is an artist-run centre developing and promoting sculpture research in the context of contemporary art practices. In accordance with this mandate, Atelier Silex fulfills multiple roles:


  • The centre acts as a partner offering artists space and infrastructure to create artworks and organize events in professional conditions. The centre fosters the career development of its members in contemporary art and encourages their entrepreneurial potential.


  • Atelier Silex acts as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences where member artists and the artistic community can come together to gain relevant information through workshops, conferences, and discussions. The center therefore offers the public a unique access to the art scene and stimulates collaborations between artists and the community.


  • The centre is a production workshop dedicated to its members’ creative processes as well as to the regional artistic community. It offers a variety of work spaces, a large array of equipment and tools and a solid expertise in accomplishing public artwork (Art and Architecture Integration Policy).


Founded in 1983 by newly graduated students in visual arts, Atelier Silex arose from their wishes to unite and share common spaces and equipment necessary for the production of artworks, especially stone sculptures. As Atelier Silex’s membership grew and incorporated a  diversity of art practices, it progressively acquired specialized equipment for wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and resin work.

The centre assumed ownership of its building in 1987. A significant renovation phase was completed in the late 1990s marked by the addition of a public gallery, Espace 0...3/4, to host research, dissemination, and production activities. In 1997 space within the facility was converted into an artist residency opening up the possibility of welcoming artists from other regions and countries. The entire building was brought up to required construction standards between 2005 and 2006 and today, Atelier Silex offers 600 m2 of production studio space and 200 m2 of exhibition space.

Atelier Silex’s operations benefit widely from its members’ specialised expertise.Their technical ability to design, create, and install art in public spaces is without a doubt one of the centre’s strongest features. This expertise, recognized by the artistic community, supports and nourishes sculptural research within Atelier Silex and the contemporary art field.

After 35 years of steady development, Atelier Silex now stands as a center furthuring sculpture through the filter of multidisciplinary approaches. It provides a stimulating environment where artists of varying generations and experience can share their technical know-how and creative processes. Atelier Silex has become a springboard for ensuring the artistic continuity and emerging cultural initiatives essential to the nurturing of the region’s cultural avant-garde.

Well established in the area, Atelier Silex is an active player within the Trifluvian and regional cultural scene. Its partners can attest to the centre’s success:

  • Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR)

  • Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine (BNSC)

  • Atelier Presse Papier (Trois-Rivières)

  • Pôle d’économie sociale de la Mauricie

  • Jeune Chambre de la Mauricie

  • Festival international de la poésie de Trois-Rivières (FIP)